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However, the WNBA is a great place to go for world-class female athletes. The rigors of basketball force anyone who play it professionally to be in top physical form. The benefit of all that training for the players is, of course, a career as a basketball star, but the benefit for fans around the world is our ability to recognize the impossibly impressive athletic forms of these basketball beauties. Lister enjoyed a fairly decent college career at Vanderbilt where she made a name for herself as a reliable point guard who could occasionally put up points when called upon.

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Today, we delve into the question that surely must be tormenting NBC's censors as they prepare their telecasts: What's up with all this nudity?

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Whether you're into men or women, one glimpse of an athletic body performing feats not thought feasible by mortals makes you wonder more about the person. It's the reason paparazzi exist and gossip magazines thrive. Wisps of Jackson's bleached-blond hair dangle over her creamy skin. Inside the magazine, Jackson, 23, reveals everything except her, ahem, down under.

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